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Example Questions

I think my spouse may be hiding money, is there anything I should do before I file for divorce ?


My spouse and I have decided to separate but we have two children in elementary school – what are some ways we can minimize the impact on them ?


My spouse told me that he filed for divorce but I have not been served with anything. Is there anything I should do before I am served ?


My spouse and I have tried numerous therapists but we are not making any progress and our marriage is failing. When do I cut the cord and make the decision to get a divorce ?


When we got married, my spouse insisted on a prenup and the prenup says that I have to vacate the house within seven days of  filing for divorce. I was just served with divorce papers but I have no money and nowhere to go – what do I do ?


My spouse and I are almost at the end of our divorce and I am about to inherit a significant amount of money. Is there any way my spouse can attack my money ?


My spouse and I have decided to get divorced and we have two small children.  My spouse really has no idea how to care for them but feels he should have 50% custody. Should I agree to that ?


When we got married, I put all of my savings down as a deposit on our house that has tripled in value.  All of the mortgage payments during the marriage were from my income. How would the court divide that asset ?

My spouse and I are in the middle of a mildly contested divorce that seems to be taking too long. My attorney is nice but I can tell I am not a high priority client. What can I do to get my divorce over with ?


I have a special needs child from a previous marriage that my spouse adopted. We are now getting divorced and he wants nothing to do with our child. Is he able to just walk away ?


I’ve been married for over 12 years and I know that my spouse has bank accounts that she has not told me about. Before I file for divorce, is there anything I should do to find out about those accounts ?


I have decided to leave my spouse and I need some money to get a new place and a cover my expenses for the next 3 to 6 months. Can I take money out of our joint accounts without his permission ?


Q During the marriage, I inherited some money and I used it to pay off our mortgage. Now that we are getting divorced, my spouse says that I gifted that to the community and that we split everything down the middle. Is that true? If not, what do I do ?


Q We’ve been married for less than three years and it’s not working out. Neither of us have filed for divorce yet but I want to leave our apartment and take everything I brought into the marriage with me. Can I do that? If not, what should I do ?


Q I signed a prenup with my spouse's family‘s insistence 12 years ago when we got married. Now that we are getting divorced, I can’t come close to our lifestyle on the support I will receive  (a big company CEO). Am I stuck with the terms of the prenup after all this time? If not, what can I do ?

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